Celebrating Romania’s Anti-Fracking Day

On 6th of April 2014, over 60 anti-fracking events took place in Romania and worldwide, which included rallies, protest marches and awareness campaigns against the exploitation of shale gas by hydraulic fracturing. In solidarity with the rest of the events, we organized a flashmob in London, aimed to bring the problem of fracking in some of the most visited places on a Sunday afternoon.

Armed with banners, a good photographer and a positive attitude towards a frack-free future, we marched from Big Ben to the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace, then we walked through St. James’s Park, shared the news with the guards at Horse Guards Parade and finished in Trafalgar Square.

We showed our support for the efforts of people in Romania and UK fighting for a common goal to protect our environment, health, water and air. The wind on Westminster Bridge was very strong, but our message was even stronger: STOP FRACKING!

It is time to move to green, renewable energy and give up dirty, destructive fossil fuels!




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