Rosia Montana Day

Background information

Rosia Montana, the oldest documented mining village in Europe turns 1883. The small village is inhabited since pre-Roman times and has the continent’s largest gold deposit. It is also one of the seven ‘most endangered’ European cultural sites meeting 4 UNESCO criteria of highly significant importance for our World Heritage. But most important of all, it is a quiet place with warm hearted people who risk irreversible damage upon their ancestral land for short term profits.

Since 2000, year after year, dedicated “Save Rosia Montana” campaigners managed to stop the illegal cyanide gold mining project. Things changed last autumn, when politicians tried to pass a law which would give Rosia Montana Gold Corporation the legal right to destroy four mountains in their search for gold. Few expected the massive street protests which followed, spreading from Bucharest to London and New York to Shanghai.

Rosia Montana Day

London celebration

After the global scale protests in autumn, the 1883rd anniversary of Rosia Montana is a time for joy: a time to acknowledge and spread the culture of the this place all over the world. In London we organized an amazing celebration at the Vortex Jazz Club. We had plenty of traditional home-made delicacies from Rosia Montana, excellent music, courtesy of pianist Alex Negriuc and folk jazz wonder-voice Monooka, and a good lesson about love, strength and deep roots taught by 3 short movies we screened for the first time. During the event, Dr. Richard Solly from the London Mining Network, put the story of Rosia Montana in a global perspective, presenting the stories of other places confronted with similar problems. Later on Yarn and Needles delighted the public with an auction for all the goodies with the trademark ‘Made in Rosia Montana’.

The pinnacle of the evening, was the launch of the Indiegogo campaign: Rosia Montana – Community vs Corporation in Court, put together by our lovely ESC volunteers in order to raise funds for all the legal actions necessary for this battle.

We are thankful to everyone who got involved in organizing this amazing celebration.


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