Charitable event – winter clothes for Samusocial Romania

Winter is coming. During extremely cold winters, temperatures in Romania can go as low as -38 degrees. Every year, the number of those freezing to death across Eastern and Central Europe increases, with Romania being one of the most affected countries.

To prevent unnecessary deaths, we launched a campaign to collect winter clothes from volunteers in London to send to the organisation Samusocial Romania, with the head office in Bucharest.

We have chosen Samusocial due to their relentless effort to save homeless people in life-or-death situations, with a small but dedicated team of doctors and social workers, performing amazing activity day and night. We cherish their efforts and we would like to do our part to support their activity. For additional information about Samusocial, access their Website here:



ESC will facilitate the collection of clothes from volunteers and then organise the shipping to Romania.

Next Steps:

If you have any winter clothes in good condition and clean, as well as any blankets or first aid supplies, please let us know in a private message at the following email address: We would be grateful if you could specify how many items of clothing you can offer so that we organise the shipping accordingly. An ESC volunteer will get in contact with you to decide the details of the items hand over.

If you want to donate, please send your email no later than Friday 7th of November, so that we can organise the delivery of the boxes to Samusocial by 25th November.

We couldn’t have done this action without the generous help of transport company East Lines ( who offered to fully cover the transport of the boxes (up to 100 kg!) to Bucharest, in support of this charitable event. A warm Thank You on behalf of our team and congratulations for a professional and flexible service!

Please help out, let’s make people WARM this winter! Let’s save lives together!

Thank you!
ESC Team


Update Tuesday, 18 November 2014

On Saturday, 15th of November, our volunteers have delivered 9 boxes to EastLines London, in order to be shipped to Samusocial Romania. The boxes contained winter clothes and shoes, which have been donated by generous people in the UK.

It warmed our hearts to see how many people mobilised to help out in such a short timeframe. This initiative would not have been possible without these wonderful people.

We would like to send a big “thank you” for all your efforts!

Special thanks are going to: Ion Holban, Siobhan CG, Mariana Stafie, Oana Cotiusca, Nuno Marquez, Lorena Ioana, Nicoleta M. and to EASTLINES London (, for their brilliant support to ship the boxes at no cost. This was simply fantastic and we are truly grateful.

We will send a further update once the boxes safely reach Samusocial.

Our best wishes,
ESC team


Update Wednesday, 19 November 2014

We have today been informed by Elena Adam (Samusocial) that the boxes have safely arrived to Samusocial and that they will be of great help to the homeless people in Romania over a difficult winter.

Thank you to ALL who donated, we would like to underline that YOU SAVED SOMEONE’S LIFE this winter. How amazing and inspiring is this! Thanks again to Eastlines for the highly prompt and professional service.

Have a warm winter, everyone!
ESC team