Operation ESC – claiming back the vote

Operation ESC – claiming back the vote

Voting is a fundamental civil right upheld by all constitutions all around the world. When thousands of Romanians in the Diaspora tried to exercise their basic right to political representation in the first round of presidential elections this past Sunday, November 2nd, they were obstructed by the very same institutions which were supposed to enable them a fair say in the future of their country.

Thousands of Romanians living abroad lined up outside their country’s embassies in London, Brussels, Paris, Vienna and many other major cities in Europe, but many were turned away when the polls closed at 9 pm, and Romanian authorities refused to extend the deadline. A lack of organisation, combined with insufficient voting booths and staff to supervise the process made voting an hours-long process that left those who did not get to exercise their right feeling humiliated and outraged.

But have no fear! Operation ESC is bringing together all those unheard voices this Sunday, 9th November in front of the Romanian Embassy to demand additional polling places for the 2nd round of elections to be held on 16th November and to ensure a fair and transparent voting process. Together with our brothers and sisters in Paris, Madrid, Vienna, and the rest of Europe, we are organising a Diaspora-wide protest to claim back what is ours – the fundamental right to vote, political freedom and the promise of real democracy.

They think they’ve silenced us. But our voices shout louder than ever: “We want to vote!” 

Join us on Sunday 9th November 2014, from 1pm, to take our power back at 37-65 Kensington High St, London W8, UK: http://on.fb.me/1t8UYff 

Our vote is our weapon, our voice is our power!

Help us spread the word! Come support us and our civil liberty! Even if you are not Romanian, but you feel that this is something worth fighting for – please come. Bring your friends, bring your kids – this is a free lesson in activism for everyone! Let’s claim back the vote!