Hășmaș (Hagymás) Mountains in Transylvania, Romania Photo: Pear Blossom
Hășmaș (Hagymás) Mountains in Transylvania, Romania
Photo: Pear Blossom

Beautiful, bewildering, pristine, virgin, untouched, mesmerizing. These are only some of the words that characterise Romania’s Carpathian region. Probably the best way to describe this green pocket of Europe is through its wild habitat. It is a place where a diverse array of fauna and flora can be observed, along with the traditional rural Romanian style of living.

“Wild Carpathia”, the name of one of the most beautiful depictions of this area, best describes the this mountainous gem of Romania. The documentary explores its biodiversity by highlighting historical, environmental and cultural aspects that shaped the Carpathian region in its current state.

Wild Carpathia is currently depicted in three episodes, all exploring different facets of this pristine ecosystem. Presenter Charlie Ottley in his quest to understand this vital region goes in search of wild bears and ancient villages through mountain paths, forests and alpine meadows. He visits ancient Roman spas, picturesque monasteries and national parks as well as encountering shepherds, environmentalists, artists or craftsmen.

For their fourth, and final instalment of the series, the producers need our help. They started a kickstarter campaign to raise enough funds to show the beauty of Romania, this time during winter

In their own words:


Romania has had further negative press in the UK media following the broadcast of The Romanians Are Coming on Channel 4 earlier this year. There is no better time than now to complete the most famous series ever made on Romania and once again show the world its beauty, its culture and the charm, generosity and authenticity of its people. We also want another chance to inspire the Romanian people themselves to care more about what’s happening in their country before foreign companies eager to exploit their natural resources reduce Europe’s last great wilderness to an ecological disaster zone, with no hope of a sustainable income for future generations


You can support the funding campaign on their Kickstarter page