About Us

Our Mission statement

We are a group of concerned citizens based in London, who are campaigning to change our current environmental and social boundaries. We aim to stop abusive projects which can destroy the environment and the communities that depend on it. Our work so far has focused on four keys issues: mining, fracking, deforestation and social awareness.

We believe that parts of the current economic model seem to be designed to protect large multinational companies and various economical interests at the expense of the natural environment. This needs to change. We want to empower people to change from “business as usual” to a more holistic approach based on a healthy environment and a strong civil society.


Our vision

Raising awareness about social and environmental issues and creating sustainable change by making people responsible for their local actions at a global level.


What do we want to achieve

– a sustainable future for Romania, UK, Europe and beyond.

– ban on cyanide mining in Romania and Europe

– ban on fracking in Romania and Europe

– support efforts to diminish deforestation in Romania

– support civil and environmental initiatives in Romania and Europe

– strengthening civil society in general

– information hub for environmental issues, social and human rights.

– help with growing social enterprises around sustainable development projects

– helping communities in Romania and elsewhere build resilience against challenges undermining their right to a sustainable future

– educational and awareness projects for youth

– a UK coalition with other groups in the diaspora and established NGOs in fighting for a sustainable future, working on joint awareness raising projects – small scale UK environmental and civil projects such as tree planting, community awareness, integration and showcasing of Romanian culture in UK.