Our work

Our work so far has focused on four keys issues: mining, fracking, deforestation and social awareness.

Some examples of our recent actions can be found below:


April 14

Romania’s Anti-Fracking day: over 60 events took place simultaneously in cities across Romania as well as internationally and London joined these events in solidarity. In London we visited the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace (to warn Her Majesty of dodgy fracking deals on her lands), walked through St. James’s Park, shared the news with the guards at Horse Guards Parade and finished in Trafalgar Square.


February 14

We travelled to Barton Moss and joined the anti-fracking march near Farndon on 16th March 2014, to show that Romania stands with Barton Moss against Fracking!


December 13

We travelled to Pungesti, Romania to help document the villagers on hunger strike against fracking and human rights abuse by hundreds of riot police and private security:


We helped re-enact the crimes of Chevron and the Romanian Police in Trafalgar Square where our volunteers displayed how it feels like to be abused by the Romanian authorities:


August 13

Our volunteers have cycled from London to Balcombe to join a public March for a Frack Free Future, in support of the Community Protection Camp outside a Cuadrilla fracking site.




We are part of the Save Rosia Montana UK group that coordinated over 20 London anti-mining protests between 1st September to December 2013. The same volunteers (Oana, Ciprian, Ion) that organise these protests are now part of ESC. ESC will be proactively involved in future european efforts to secure a ban on cyanide use in mining.

These events included:

December 13

We have staged a direct boycott outside the London Mines & Money Conference:


November 13

We organised an international anti-mining protest outside the UK Houses of Parliament in solidarity with all communities affected by mining worldwide:


We have organised several art events and collaborations with high profile figures, such as Kumi Naidoo, the Executive Director of Greenpeace International:


October 13

London Flashmob: twenty of our activists, coached by Alexandra Roshu, organised a flashmob in London to raise awareness about the proposed largest open cast gold mine in Rosia Montana, Romania.


September 13

Direct boycotting of the London based mining companies involved in the Rosia Montana project:


The first large scale Romanian protests in UK, in solidarity with mass scale protests all over Romania. These protests were held in central London location such as the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square:




February 14

Our London volunteers took part in a weekend of tree planting organised by our friends from Trees for Cities and The London Orchard Project to offset some our carbon footprint in the Save Rosia Montana UK campaign:



Social Awareness

February 14

We celebrated Rosia Montana day in London. Our volunteers organised a cultural evening in celebration of 1883 years of documented history at Rosia Montana:


December 13

Fracking awareness @ Ratiu Centre – details still to come…

December 13

Human rights day flashmob celebration inside St. Pancras International Station


Romania’s National Day in Trafalgar Square

Thank you to everyone that donated their traditional costumes, artefacts, food, beautiful pictures and their time to help us celebrate our National Day! One Nation, United!