We need clean air in London!

Clean Air for London

On theĀ 27th of July, we took to the streets of the capital with a performance aimed to raise awareness about air quality in London. We moved from Oxford Circus to Piccadily Circus, Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden and Stratford Station. These parts of London are some of the most polluted in the city. We talked to … Read moreWe need clean air in London!

Romania stands with Farndon and Barton Moss against fracking

Our volunteers joined the anti-fracking march near Farndon on the 16th of March, then headed off to Barton Moss. We wanted to show our support to the people of Barton Moss and Farndon, and reciprocate their gesture of public support towards the people of Pungesti village. We were received with open arms and enthusiasm, and … Read moreRomania stands with Farndon and Barton Moss against fracking

Rosia Montana Day

Background information Rosia Montana, the oldest documented mining village in Europe turns 1883. The small village is inhabited since pre-Roman times and has the continent’s largest gold deposit. It is also one of the seven ‘most endangered’ European cultural sites meeting 4 UNESCO criteria of highly significant importance for our World Heritage. But most important … Read moreRosia Montana Day

Romanian villagers beaten up by Chevron Police in London (re-enactment)

Background information The situation in the village of Pungesti, Romania started in October when the locals found out that the government gave Chevron a licence to frack near their village, although fracking is not regulated by romanian law. To top that, the decision was made without consulting the people from the village. Furthermore, they discovered … Read moreRomanian villagers beaten up by Chevron Police in London (re-enactment)